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Works In Progress and other Squishy Things

Below you will find tentative titles and projects I'm working on. Nearly all are still in the personal self-editing/early phases, but if anything changes on that front, I'll post an update as soon as I have news.

The Love By Series

Four Sisters/Four Love stories to complete their lives

Its love against the odds~

But it’s

Love By…






Love by Design

Jasmine Galloway sees beauty in all things but it’s not a thing of beauty when she meets Derrek Martin, a shallow, arrogant playboy celebrity. When her sister recommends her interior design business to Derrek, it’s sure to be a disaster. Never one to let her opinions of others stand in the way of professional success, Jasmine takes the job hoping she can hold her tongue and get it done one-handed. She’s not about to let another pretty boy whose ego is as big as his blockbuster movies win her over. Been there, done that, not happening again. Too bad Derrek’s gentle, affectionate nature and country boy charm gets the better of her and makes it clear he’s putting his designs on her heart.

Derrek Martin counts himself lucky his acting career took off shortly after his arrival in California. Especially since his father’s death left him the guardian of his little sister. The new house is nice, but needs a woman’s touch before Paige comes to live with him. His reputation in the tabloids depicts him far from who he really is, but his private life is simply that, private. Derrek intends to keep it that way—until he meets Jasmine Galloway, Interior Designer to the Stars. Her chilly reception leaves him baffled and intrigued.

Her blatant dislike antagonizes him the way no one ever has and Derrek finds he’s desperate to prove he isn’t what the tabloids make him out to be. And he’s determined to make her his leading lady- unless an ex with an ax to grind steals the spotlight.


Love by Change

Juniper Galloway loves the lights, camera, action and they love her. Her younger sisters’ think she needs more than her career in showbiz to be happy, but Juni isn't sure marriage and children are in the script. When the roughshod rodeo rider, Sloan Thatcher, breezes into her life like a knight in tight blue jeans and a cowboy hat—all rebellion against her sisters' hopes of her settling down melt away.

A ranch owner, whose narrow escape from death on a bucking bronco inspires the movie Juniper’s starring in, Sloan has Juni falling off more than her horse. As she finds herself spending time with the handsome widower, she learns more about him and the great love of his life—the wife he lost tragically to Ovarian Cancer.

Portraying Sloan’s deceased wife leaves Juni wishing she could be his next leading lady. Sloan’s a man of loyalty and kindness, a man who—when he loves, loves deep and long. A man who risked everything for the woman he loved and still lost it all in the end. Juniper has never risked anything for love because of her career and she soon finds out it isn’t just a role to play, but the chance of a lifetime to prove she isn’t a flaky, rich starlet, not if she has any hopes of winning the heart of a downtrodden cowboy. Especially a man who isn’t looking to be roped in for a second chance at love.


Love by Accident

Blossom Galloway has the glamorous life- Bright lights, the big cities and globetrotting adventure welcomes her on the catwalk. She lives in a world where perfection is the only way to live, but when a car accident robs her of her career, her relationship and her memories, Blossom must learn to see life through different eyes.

Kyle Sebastian knows the hard road—life on the racing circuit and a tragic bang up that almost stole his life, changed him forever. Now working as a physical therapist gives him greater joy until Blossom Galloway becomes his newest patient.

Stubborn and self-centered, Blossom is easily the most difficult patient he has ever had the misfortune to work with and yet he knows the pain she suffers and the complete transformation she must go through before she sees the light at the end of the tunnel.

Kyle and Blossom have more in common than they realize when a fleeting moment in their pasts reveals they are two halves of one whole, and this isn’t the first time they have washed up in each other’s lives. Will Kyle ever be able to convince Blossom she has so much more to live for and she can move forward from the damage done? More importantly—will both their lives alter even more if they fall in Love by Accident?


Love by Loss

Widowed by her husband’s death in the war, Violet Galloway Trent, the youngest of the Galloways girls just wants her sisters to leave her alone. Content to pursue her career as a second grade teacher on the East Coast, Vy insists she’s happy in Virginia, much to her sisters’ dismay. With her own set of insecurities about relationships and children, Vy decides losing love once was enough for any heart, though secretly she suspects she’s falling for Noah Pryce, the landscaper who works for her sister and who has become her secret best friend via emails and instant messenger. Noah is a man who could easily lead her heart back to sunny California, so when Jasmine and Blossom insist they need Vy’s help for the summer, Vy leaves the quiet security of the life she’s built for herself alone and takes up residence at Jasmine’s.

Keeping her friendship and growing affection for Noah a secret is near impossible when her sisters’ failed attempts at matchmaking send her right into his warm loving arms, but her fears and hidden concerns of infertility have her holding him at arm’s length.

Noah Pryce has spent his life since his wife’s death caring for and beautifying other people’s lives and raising his son as best as he can on his own. A quiet type of man, he instantly recognizes the same kindred spirit in Violet. Little could she know, Noah remembers her fondly from their youth when they were children growing up on the same street. Captured by her beauty and intellect, Noah finds himself hating the secrecy—not only hers to keep their relationship a secret from her sisters, but his secret, too.

Will Violet run the other way when she discovers he is a single father? Can Noah sacrifice his desire for more children to be with the woman whose love is already growing in his heart?

The Pryce of Love Series (continuing from the Love By Series)

Of the five Pryce Brothers, four remain single, but for how long?

What is the Pryce of Love, if not their hearts?

The Right Nanny for the Pryce

The Pryce of Love

The Perfect Recipe for Love

Heart of the Surf


The Right Nanny for the Pryce

A workaholic doctor, Drake Pryce’s attitude toward work costs him his wife and his children. When his ex-wife moves them away from California and back to her hometown in Tennessee, his visits come far and few between. Hiring a nanny might just do the trick now that his children are coming to stay with him for summer vacation, but will he get more than he bargains for?

Megan Matthews needs another live-in nanny job now that her wards have gotten too old to have Miss Megan around. The plan is to work for another family while she takes online classes to get a better education and a place of her own. It’s the only plan.

But when she gets an interview with Dr. Pryce, it seems to work to everyone's advantage and after seeing the disconnection between Drake and his children, Megan is determined to make him see they need him as much as he needs them. While Megan sets out to bring him and his children closer together, they find themselves fighting their mutual attraction and wondering if they’ve found the family and the love they’ve both been looking for.

A secret from Megan's past comes back to haunt her and it could tear their love apart, which begs the question- Is she The Right Nanny for the Pryce?


Pryce of Love

Nick Pryce has a lot going for him. His art gallery, Life’s Canvas is growing, though perhaps at the expense of his own artistic vision. The mentoring program he and his twin brother set up, Healing Hearts has done a lot to help adolescent boys in their community find positive role models and productive outlets in their lives. According to Nick’s mother and his brothers, the only thing missing from his picture perfect existence is that special someone who would make it complete. Duped by an opposites attract relationship in his past, Nick wiped his canvas clean of women. Burned once, he plans to keep things just the way they are. He couldn’t have anticipated the arrival of Charlee Gabhart, the young beautiful artist who swept into his gallery with a blue braid in her flaming red hair, dressed like an abstract work of art, and who, to his surprise, has talent to spare. As loud a personality as Nick is quiet, he’s certain no good could ever come of getting involved.

Her grandfather’s sudden death left Charlee Gabhart the sole guardian of her kid brother, Heath, when she was just eighteen. Six years later, she’s still tied down to a job as a waitress, but free of the abuse she suffered mentally and at the hands of her drunk of an ex-husband. Charlee paints at night to erase the pain of her past and remember the beauty in the world, while her brother’s rebellion begins to take its toll. When a new friend introduces her to a handsome, if not stuffy art gallery owner, Charlee finds hope that things may turn around, not just with her art, but also with her heart, if she can find the courage to let Nick get that close.

When Heath lands himself in hot water with the law again, and the Healing Hearts mentoring program, a conflict of interest could squash the budding romance between Nick and Charlee for good. Will Nick throw caution and good common sense to the wind to pursue her after all, even though he’s not supposed to get involved with Charlee on so many levels? Can Charlee trust any man enough to move on from her past and what will a search of her grandfather’s old papers reveal when Charlee tries to find out more about her family history?


Perfect Recipe for Love

Restaurateur and young adult mentor, Ben Pryce wasn’t looking for love when he entered Ripple on the Pond Commune to hire out help with some go-green projects for his restaurant, Ben There, Ate That. In fact, he was the playboy of the restaurant biz, wooing with delectable concoctions and the finest wines, but none of the dates he had went much further. The idea of building a rooftop garden for his business seemed like a simple matter of moving with the time, being cool and saving money, until he met Sunni Fields.

Free spirited and earthy, Sunflower "Sunni" Fields needed extra cash to start her own small restaurant at the commune where she grew up or she wouldn’t have taken the outside job to begin with. Hoping to help out with costs now that her aged grandfather has come to live with them, and tired of bending to everyone else’s will, Sunni just wants a small taste of freedom, even if it means stepping outside the little world in which she’s spent the majority of her life. Handsome restaurant owner Ben Pryce looks like juicy forbidden fruit, wrapped in a tempting package, especially when her parents try to pair her off to a young man in the commune who makes her skin crawl and who’s unwarranted possessiveness makes her want to leave the commune for good.

From such different worlds, can Ben and Sunni walk away from this attraction when their two worlds collide or have they found The Perfect Recipe for Love?


*Heart of the Surf (Current WIP)

With a by invite only ticket to the biggest annual surf competition at Huntington Beach, Mark Pryce feels sure the tides will roll in his favor and he will be crowned Tycoon of the Tide. He has sworn off the beach bunnies and all other distractions just for this event, which would be an honor of a lifetime. His only concern of the forty-nine other competitors is an unknown to the area who could keep him from staking his claim as one of the youngest male surfers to come out of So-Cal. How could he have known his stiffest competition wasn’t just another dude, but the hottest little honey to walk the sandy shores since Gidget fell for Moondoggie?

As the first and only female surfer with the expertise and experience to get an elite invitation to what has been—for years—a male dominated sporting event, Alexa Stevens is determined to prove she is not some Noob, but a serious professional who has just as much salt as her male surfing counterparts. Meeting sweetheart surf boy Mark at a wicked all night rager complicated every detail of her plans for surf world domination as it becomes clear he doesn’t realize the Alex Stevens he’s up against is her.

Will it be a total wipe out or will they find out what’s at the Heart of the Surf?

Other Finished work

Haunted Melody

(first in new series Musical Pairs I plan to start work on soon after I finish the Pryce of Love Series)

Melody Russell is as famous as any country singer can be. She has it all- the money, the glitz, the glamour, bestselling albums and sold out stadiums. She gave up everything to follow that dream, but when her grandmother’s heart attack calls her home after sixteen years away, she comes face to face with the past and learns that having it all means nothing without being true to yourself, having family and most of all~ having love.

Wes Stanford has spent years wondering why Melody ran off to chase her dream of being a singer alone. He had been in college, studying hard to have a good career to make a better life for them. She slipped out beneath the shadows before he could ask her to marry him or to explain why she couldn’t even say goodbye. He hasn’t forgotten his little songbird, nor has he moved on, as if always knowing she would have to come home someday. When Melody comes back because of the family emergency, he knows he has to confront her because she is the only one who has the answers to his long-burning questions.

How could he have known the sixteen-year-old secret that has haunted Melody, would surface upon her return and change their lives forever? Will the truth drive Wes away, or will he be able to hear the song of her heart and give her the one thing she regretfully gave up all those years before~ the loves of her life?

Looking Past The Snow (women's fiction)

Shania Quentin’s fairytale has come true. She owns her own home, has a great job at the local paper and a wonderful man, Dennis Cantrell, in her life, but when he has to take a job in construction that sends him out of town for several months, Shania’s fairytale life snowballs out of control.

Left to face the wintry Kentucky countryside alone, Shania thinks things can’t possibly get worse. Feeling the physical and emotional distance Dennis as put between them, Shania sinks into a deep blue funk- uncertain of the future she had hoped for with him. The unexpected discovery that she is pregnant only compounds her confusion. Add to the mix, her sister’s deathbed plea that she take back something she once gave her- the child Shania had in secret when she was sixteen— a child who was the result of rape.

Taking custody of her daughter after all these years is one of the hardest things Shania’s ever had to face, but her mother’s misguided assumptions make life a living hell in the process. Her mother’s delusions about the love she believes existed between her daughter and Jonathan McWilliams puts Shania, and her child, in danger. Shania must find the strength she needs to face the past- and the man who violated her- before her biggest fear becomes a reality and history repeats itself.

Only the truth will set her free, but will Dennis still wants a future with her when he discovers the dark secrets of her past?

Destiny’s Looming Storm (family saga/romance)

Finding his mother’s body in a puddle of her own blood that stormy night when he was twelve shaped and shifted the course of Royce Palmer’s life forever. He wants to hate the live-in nanny and housekeeper his father hires right after his mother’s funeral, refusing to let another woman fill his mother’s shoes. Time heals old wounds and before long those pains are mere scars in the past and Royce finds it easier to accept Caroline into their close-knit family circle.

Alissa Charles arrives the first day of Junior year and Royce’s attention is drawn away from home and toward the future. She was everything Royce could have wanted in a girlfriend. She had a smile that melted him, a bohemian spirit and she dreamt big~ bigger than Royce ever imagined. His proposal on prom night Senior year met with great tears and acceptance, but as soon as graduation day arrived, Alissa was gone, leaving only a note of apology, the engagement ring and a trail of dust behind her.

Left alone while she chased her dreams to California, Royce stumbled through one bad relationship after another, always knowing in his heart Alissa was the one great love of his life and he let her slip away because he wasn’t willing to dream as big as she did.

After tragedy strikes the Palmer family, leaving Royce the sole guardian of his sister, its up to him to make a good and manageable life for the two of them. Skeletons from their mother’s past begin to surface and lead them away from everything they have ever known into a world of confusion and secrecy. Opening the door to the past reveals the pain and heartache that caused their mother to take her own life and when Alissa’s desperate call reaches out to him across the distance, Royce has to answer the call to his heart beyond Destiny’s Looming Storm.

Other Projects

I also have numerous other projects that are still in the fetal stages, but will keep those under my hat and close to my heart at the moment. There's possibility for a sequel/spin off series from one of my single titles along with a couple other themes/ideas I've been keeping on the back burner. Will post more as I come to those.

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