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Love by Design

Jasmine Galloway sees beauty in all things but it?s not a thing of beauty when she meets Derrek Martin, a shallow, arrogant playboy celebrity. When her sister recommends her interior design business to Derrek, it?s sure to be a disaster. Never one to let her opinions of others stand in the way of professional success, Jasmine takes the job hoping she can hold her tongue and get it done one-handed. She?s not about to let another pretty boy whose ego is as big as his blockbuster movies win her over. Been there, done that, not happening again. Too bad Derrek?s gentle, affectionate nature and country boy charm gets the better of her and makes it clear he?s putting his designs on her heart.

Derrek Martin counts himself lucky his acting career took off shortly after his arrival in California. Especially since his father?s death left him the guardian of his little sister. The new house is nice, but needs a woman?s touch before Paige comes to live with him. His reputation in the tabloids depicts him far from who he really is, but his private life is simply that, private. Derrek intends to keep it that way?until he meets Jasmine Galloway, Interior Designer to the Stars. Her chilly reception leaves him baffled and intrigued.

Her blatant dislike antagonizes him the way no one ever has and Derrek finds he?s desperate to prove he isn?t what the tabloids make him out to be. And he?s determined to make her his leading lady- unless an ex with an ax to grind steals the spotlight.

Love by Design Cover Reveal!

CASTAWAY HEARTS Book Trailer took 1st Place!

In October of 2012 I submitted the book trailer I made for Castaway Hearts in the You Gotta Read Reviews Video Contest but I didn't make it into the roster of 20 other videos. In November, though, I was notified that I was the 7th entry for the November contest.

The prize for 1st place was 3 months of FREE advertising of your book on You Gotta Read Reviews. 2nd place would receive 2 months and 3rd place 1 month. The voting occurred over the course of the week around Thanksgiving.

When it came down to the wire on the next to last day, I was in 3rd and pleased with that, thinking it was the last day, but after sharing about it on my social networking sites, I was surprised when I later went back to check and I was in 1st PLACE. I thought my eyes were deceiving me.

Nope, when I wasn't online, one of my sisters-in-law put out a call to her friends and helped boost me right to the top.

Overnight, I did lose my #1 spot and would have been happy with 2nd place, but by the time the voting closed, I'd been bumped back up to 1st again, so I'm thrilled beyond words and so full of gratitude for the friends and strangers who helped me win 3 months of FREE advertising.

Truly Amazing!

I feel blessed!

Update- November- NaNoWriMo 2012

Unlike last year, when I had editing for Castaway Hearts to keep me uber busy, this year, I'm taking a little time away from prepping Love By Design for self-publication to work on Heart of the Surf, the 4th and final novel in my 2nd series- the Pryce of Love Series. Only a few days in, I'm already 10K in for the 50K word count goal, but my true goal is to strike out toward 85-90K total even after I've accomplished my NaNo Goal.

Here's to all my fellow NaNovelists! We got this!

Sharing News!

I did an interview in my hometown paper in May 2012. Even if you are not a subscriber to The Anderson News, you should be able to read the article here in full if it's your first visit to their website.‚Äč

Also in other hometown NEWS-

Castaway Hearts is now available for borrowing at the Anderson Public Library in Lawrenceburg, Kentucky.

Note the link for Girls *Heart* Books (formerly Mel's Book Blog) to the right, where Castaway Hearts received it's very first review- 4/5 Quills from Mel!

Welcome to my home on the web- or one of the many places you can find me hanging out when I'm not busy pecking away at the keys, filling blank pages with words of love and hope.

I flutter around a lot from place to place- spreading my wings, testing the winds. My metamorphosis has been long in coming, but I'm here now with a lot to share hidden beneath my wings.

I have stories of love to tell- Stories of love~ transformed and given wings to fly.

C'mon Over & Join Me!

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Castaway Hearts took 1st Place in the November 2012 Book Trailer Video Contest!

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